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The Father's Guide to Becoming Your Daughter's Hero 

About Madeline Anderson

Madeline Anderson is the author of Girl Dad and the founder of Girl Dad Network. She has a passion for writing, speaking, neuroscience, and psychology. She is the daughter of an incredible Girl Dad and spent years interviewing a wide array of fathers and daughters to write her heartfelt book on how to be the best father to a daughter. She speaks and hosts workshops at National and International Fathering Conferences throughout the year and speaks at a UCLA entrepreneurship class each quarter. She has been featured on a variety of podcasts, speaking about tangible actions fathers can take to have a great relationship with their daughters. She teaches fathers how to relate to “Girl World,” understand what matters most to daughters, how to balance work and family time, and why dads should pursue hobbies they are passionate about.

Madeline was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Business Economics. She also studied Finance and Business for one semester at the University of Sydney. Madeline loves to travel the world, go for walks, read, and learn. She believes we should all leave the world a better place than we found it, which is why she created and advocates for Girl Dad Network.

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Featured Podcasts

Work with Madeline

Madeline's work reaches beyond far the book. She is a speaker, workshop curator and presenter, and the founder of Girl Dad Network.

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Madeline has spoken at national and international conferences and has been a guest speaker for private communities and men's groups.

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Girl Dad is available on Amazon! Enjoy incredible stories, lessons, and advice from Girl Dads and their daughters.

What Readers Are Saying

"Every man wants a boy, but every man needs a girl. I heard Madeline on the #Dadedge Podcast and she immediately grabbed my attention. I ordered her book that day. I read it twice, front to back since then and will most likely read it again."

Jeremy S.

"Girl Dad is like a warm hug from a trusted friend, offering a delightful mix of heartwarming stories, practical advice, and genuine laughter. As a dad navigating the intricate world of raising daughters, this book is a beacon of light."

M. Chris

"The book's strength lies in its emotional richness, blending whimsical and meaningful narratives that strike a chord. It serves as an invaluable guide for fathers eager to deepen their connections with their daughters, offering advice that is both practical and from the unique viewpoint of a daughter."

Bill S.

Previous Conference Workshops 

2023 New England Fathering Conference


2024 International Fathers and Families Conference

2024 New England Fathering Conference

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